Instagram lo ammette: troppi video sulla piattaforma. Le parole del CEO Mosseri thumbnail

Instagram admits it: too many videos on the platform. The words of CEO Mosseri

To face the competition with Tik Tok, Instagram he had to find the right stratagem not to go into the background. For this reason, she has started to give a lot of space to video, not to be outdone. But the CEO Adam Mosseri has now admitted that the platform has pushed the video section way too far about its users.

Instagram and too many videos on its platform

Just the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, declared on his Instagram profile that there are various photography who were appalled by how much the platform is relying so much on the quantity of videos. Meanwhile, however, reassure: the photos will always be part of Instagram and indeed will remain the main content.

Also because, according to what Mosseri said, the platform considers the frequency with which a person likes and comments on photos compared to videos. This is to determine what content will appear first in your feeds.

Despite this, Meta will continue to engage in dissemination of video content. They have a major involvementbut Instagram won’t eliminate photos as the main element of consumption at all.


The problem of spam and bots on Instagram

Another issue that the CEO noted is the massive presence of spam and bots on the platform. It seems that they are working hard to reduce this phenomenon, especially for the comments that these fake profiles can write.

Some news from the IG world

Some innovations from the world of social networks have been introduced, such as the new option to allow users to pause Instagram notifications and hide some posts of the tab “Explore” with silent mode.

Not only that: the CEO also announced the fact that they will no longer be pushed shopping functionality directly in the app home. Furthermore, in addition to taking its cue from Tik Tok, IG has drawn from BeReal the question of spontaneity and further sharing.

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