Pini Group designs a multi-storey building in the Metaverse and becomes an architectural partner of DecentraLand

Pini Group progetta un edificio multipiano nel Metaverso e diventa partner architettonico di DecentraLand thumbnail

From physical spaces to virtual spaces, from brick buildings and infrastructures to those made in pixels: Pini Group, multinational engineering company born in Switzerland also enters the Metaverse. It does so with unique and cutting-edge solutions such as the Helmallery projecta multi-storey building, developed in DecentraLandto date one of the main metaverses in existence.

Pini Group and the building in the Metaverse. Here are the details of the project

Pini Group followed in partnership with Helm all phases of the project. From the choice of the metaverse, to the architectural design, to the programming and implementation of the NFTs for those who will use the spaces. A partnership that includes numerous other projects already completed and under development.

The building will house the NFT of the works of some internationally renowned artists. Some examples: Silvano Repettoimportant Swiss artist e Clare Capobiancoyoung and award-winning street artist.

The quality of the project has been recognized and rewarded by DAO of DecentraLand. This allowed Pini Group and Helm to be chosen, among more than 200 applications worldwide, as one of the selected few official partners for future architectural constructions and for land and space rentals to third parties.

The project was realized thanks to the partnership with HELM – High End Laboratories for the Metaverse. It is a leading player investing and focusing on the acquisition, management, development, leasing and sale of digital assets and NFTs across the various metaverses. The collaboration with HELM has allowed Pini Group not only to virtualize your architecture, but to develop interesting projects, in the main metaverses. The partnership allows us to offer customers financial skills, related to the Blockchain and Crypto world, IT and development skills, architectural and interior design.

This goal is the first piece of a new path that Pini Group intends to carry on in parallel with the one already undertaken by now 70 years ago in the engineering sector. Precisely, aware of the importance of developing innovative projects, collaborating with young realities that can offer new visions and perspectives and opening up to the opportunities offered by the digital.