Instagram allows you to schedule Live

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Instagram is introducing new features of various kinds these days, but perhaps the most interesting is the ability to schedule Live in advance. In this way you can notify your followers when you will arrive live, leaving time to organize themselves to follow you.

Instagram allows you to schedule Live in advance

The functionality “Live Scheduling”Or programming of live shows has started to arrive on Instagram. With the update, you can fix the date of a live even 90 days in advance. Once the date is set, you can share it in your posts or in Stories. Your followers will then have the opportunity to mark the live broadcast on the calendar, receiving a notification directly on Instagram when the time approaches.

This change allows you to better organize your content, ensuring that your followers are with you at the beginning of a live and avoiding having to “take time” at the beginning waiting for other people to find your feed. In addition to this novelty, it appears that Instagram is working on a new tool to allow creators to join the live before the event, in order to be able to agree with the host of the live broadcast. This function called “Practice mode”Allows you to do the dress rehearsal before going live, if you have more people to manage the moment. At the moment there is no date for the release of Practice Mode yet, but it looks like it must be upon us.

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The new function recognizes the transition of Instagram towards live streaming, which is increasingly requested especially by the very young. While it is true that there are more and more alternatives, Instagram has a huge audience and this possibility could convince many content creators to also focus on social media of Facebook to launch their live content.