Ghost Recon Frontline: beta postponed!

The (just announced) closed beta of Ghost Recon Frontline, the new chapter of the Ubisoft saga, has been postponed. Let’s find out all the details

A few days ago, during the twentieth anniversary of the saga, an important announcement has arrived from Ubisoft. Announcement of a new chapter in a story saga, the Ghost Recon. After Wildlands and Breakpoint, the Ghost Recon saga is ready for a decidedly important as well as surprising turn. With Ghost Recon Frontlinein fact, Ubisoft has decided to create and offer users a product free to play and, in the next few days, it was supposed to go online there closed beta of the title. However, something seems to have gone wrong.

Ghost Recon Frontline: closed beta postponed after a few hours

An almost paradoxical postponement that of the closed beta of Ghost Recon Frontline, precisely because the announcement came a few hours earlier. We have been accustomed over the years to see postponements but, certainly curious, is the postponement of this closed beta of which, even in a trial version and certainly not definitive, Ubisoft wants to offer “the best possible experience”. Manic care or simple carelessness? Meanwhile, here is the tweet with which this postponement was announced:

We will have to wait, therefore, also to access this closed beta. Meanwhile, the latest creation from Ubisoft, has been on the market for about a week; We are talking about Far Cry 6 and we invite you to take a look at our review to know and understand what we think. Let us know with a comment what you think about this situation related to Frontline.

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