Instagram blocked in Russia: that’s when the ban for the social network will start

Instagram bloccato in Russia: ecco quando scatterà il ban per il social thumbnail

It is close to the Instagram blockade in Russia. From 14 march in fact, the social network will no longer be accessible to Russian users due to a tough stance by the local government. The confirmation came from the Russian State Agency, which also deals with media control and, in fact, censorship. Adam Mosseri, number one of Instagram, also confirmed the blocking of the social network in Russia.

Instagram closes in Russia

Everything is, of course, related to the war in Ukrainea and from a choice, which is causing discussion, by Meta who has chosen to allow hate messages against Russia on its platforms such as Instagram. The Russian government agency did not welcome this decision, announcing an immediate reaction.

Andy Stone, Head of Communications at Meta, he confirmed the choice to France Presse underlining: “Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are tolerant of forms of political expression that would normally violate our rules on violent speeches such as’ death to Russian invaders. We continue not to allow credible calls for violence against Russian civilians ”.

The clarification linked to the fact that incitement to hatred and violence remains prohibited against Russian civilians has not saved Instagram from the ban. You save, for now, WhatsApp which is not considered a social media for publishing news but a private messaging system.

The tweet of the number one of the social network