Vatican digitizes its media archive thanks to Fujitsu scanners

Gli scanner Fujitsu utilizzati per digitalizzare l’Archivio del Vaticano thumbnail

The Vatican digitized its media archive thanks to Fujitsu scanners, which thus scanned documents dating back more than a century.

Fujitsu technology at the service of the Vatican Archives

The Vatican Communication Department has chosen PFU (EMEA) Limited to digitize its archive of historical documents. These are now preserved and preserved in a single, fully digital archive. In this way they can be searched and consulted quickly by anyone who needs them. These are various elements, from information bulletins to news of events that date back to the last century.

Long and detailed documents, the incorrect scanning of even a single page could have damaged the understanding of entire batches and important information. For this purpose, we relied on the Fujitsu fi-7900 scanner (supported by the Paperstream Capture software). The technology can automate the validation of information and enable the extraction of data from a wide variety of documents printed on various types of paper. The process is extremely precise even with different formats, thicknesses, materials and dimensions.

“The reliability demonstrated by this device in the acquisition process has allowed us to perform scans without errors and inaccuracies, safeguarding our documents, from a single text note to the largest volume” said the Department for Communication, wanted in the 2015 by Pope Francis.