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Instagram bot – the platform continues the fight against fake accounts

Instagram lately has introduced several novelties and one of them focuses on verify that the users of the platform are real human beings and not bots. In fact, according to what was shared on Twitter, Instagram would be asking some users to provide a selfie video that shows your face from multiple angles, excluding the presence of bots.

Instagram fights against bots by asking users for selfie videos

Bots are one of the best known enemies of Instagram: they make the statistics of the various profiles untrue, they are not real accounts and generally ruin the user experience within the platform. The social network has long struggled with bot accounts, which can leave spam messages, harass people or be used to artificially increase the number of likes or followers. Now it seems the struggle is even deeper.

According to screenshots posted on Twitter by the social media consultant Matt Navarra – and as TheVerge reports -, Instagram would now ask some users to provide a selfie video that shows multiple angles of their face to verify that they are a real person. An Instagram follow-up tweet claims that it is asking suspicious accounts to verify that they are humans and not robots.

According to XDA Developers, the company would have started test the functionality last year, abandoned the thing for technical problems. More users though recently reported being asked to take a video selfie to verify their existing accounts, so it looks like the feature is on now.

Currently, however, the platform is not asking all of its users to verify identity. Instagram claimed on Twitter that at the moment will ask for a verification to the accounts that have had suspicious behavior, how to quickly follow many accounts. The company also reiterated that the feature doesn’t use facial recognition or any algorithms, but are actual teams reviewing the videos. Also the videos recorded by users will be deleted from Instagram servers after 30 days.

The other battle of the platform

Instagram isn’t just fighting bots – the platform is also trying to outperform the competition. It’s no secret that TikTok is extremely popular, especially among young people, and that it has long shaken the foundations – which seemed solid – of Meta’s app.

Creators, as an incentive to post content on Instagram, receive money – this was a long-known piece of information. Now, though, TechCrunch would reveal specifically the compensation of the platform in exchange for the publication of a Reel, the content that competes par excellence with TikTok.

Instagram reel bonus creatorsPhoto credits: Instagram.

Obviously the compensation changes from account to account, based on the sequel, but if a Reel gets for example 58.31 million views in a month, it can make its creator earn. up to $ 35,000. Conversely, creators with smaller audiences and reach can receive up to $ 1000 for sharing their Reels. But that is not all. According to TechCrunch, these bonuses may also increase over time. However, it must be said that this method of “remuneration” still seems to be in the testing phase, intended only for certain accounts.

Among the other innovations that Instagram is thinking about is the possibility of having gods moderators during the live held on the platform. These users, chosen by the owner of the live broadcast, will have the task of manage comments, deactivate them, deactivate requests to enter the live broadcast and many other options. It also seems that news will also arrive for the Stories: currently it is possible to react with the reset emojis, but the real one could arrive “I like” to leave to a story. Instagram’s goal is, once again, to constantly renew itself to keep its audience and at the same time attract new ones.

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