I co-fondatori di Instagram lanciano Artifact: un’app per notizie basata sull’IA thumbnail

Instagram co-founders launch Artifact – an AI-powered news app

Kevin Systrom e Mike Krieger, the two co-founders of Instagram, today announced the launch of a new app called Artifact. According to how it was presented by Systrom and Krieger themselves, the platform will consist of a personalized news feed for each user, using artificial intelligence (AI).

After launching Instagram in 2010, Systrom and Krieger abandoned their creature in 2018, due to disagreements with Facebook (now Meta) which had taken over the platform in the meantime. Ironically, it is on Instagram that the two presented Artifact, with a post by Krieger that reads:

“I’m excited to announce the project @kevin and I have been working on with a talented team for the past year or more: Artifact, a personalized news feed driven by the latest in AI.”

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What we know about the Artifact app

As far as we know Artifact should work in a similar way to TikTok, with a scrolling feed that, based on the user’s interest, will become increasingly personalized. Interacting with certain articles that concern specific topics will lead the algorithm to detect that topic as interestingproposing other similar news in the future.

From this point of view, the Artifact algorithm does not seem to be too different from Facebook or the aforementioned TikTok. Despite this Systrom and Krieger were keen to reiterate that the app will take advantage of the most advanced technologies in terms of AIto optimize and personalize the experience of individual users.

Other information, coming from Beta users of the app, assert that the layout also includes a section showing articles from people you follow (along with their comments), and another for private mail.

Another important feature, underlined by Systrom, is the fact that Artifact will not tolerate false and unverified news. Is this a valid alternative to Twitter after the controversial maneuvers of Elon Musk?

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