Instagram complicates sharing Reels with TikTok

Instagram rende più difficile condividere i Reels con TikTok thumbnail

Instagram Reels vs TikTok concept. Facebook launches a new Instagram feature to compete agaisnt short video app TikTok. United States, August 06, 2020

The Reels are one of the increasingly popular content on Instagram. Born in response to TikTok and its success, the Reels are now widely used by the creators of the platform who have the ability to create videos and then save and reload them on TikTok. However, this system has become more difficult. Here are the full details:

Instagram makes it difficult to bring their Reels to TikTok

As highlighted today by TheVerge, with a recent update Instagram doesn’t allow you to create a video clip and then download it to your device and reload it on another app like TikTok. In fact, in the process audio is deleted aadded by the user.

It is therefore necessary first publish the Reels to be able to download audio and video together. This makes it more complicated to be able to create a Reel via Instagram and bring it to TikTok before publishing it.

This limitation was added to theInstagram iPhone app but in the future it should arrive on Android smartphones. For the moment, says The Verge, Instagram has not commented on this news which could be extended to all users gradually over the next few days.

Many users used the Instagram editor to create short videos (with audio included) for posting on TikTok due to the more comprehensive content creation system. This limitation complicates matters.