Instagram down? Problems for Zuckerberg’s social network

Instagram down? Problemi per il social di Zuckerberg thumbnail

Instagram is down, at least for some users. To report it are precisely the members of the photographic social network that today belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, subscribers who have flocked to Twitter to complain about the disservice.

Instagram down today, April 3, 2022

At the moment the problem does not seem to be clear yet. On Twitter, users report a general down on Instagram, without however specifying which functionality is compromised. The same thing goes for, where we have a surge of reports without any comments in the appropriate section.

Instagram down April 3, 2022

We also add that Instagram does not seem down for all users. Some – including us – still manage to access and update the feed.
However, the disservice seems to be on an international scale.