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Instagram introduces selfie video verification

Matt Navarra still unveils one of the novelties that we will see shortly in the Instagram App. Apparently, the platform is asking some users to provide a selfie video that you show his face from multiple angles, so from verify their real identity. The reason for this change? The platform has struggled with bot accounts for many years, and this may perhaps be the right solution to ensure the safety and privacy of users. So let’s find out what it is about in detail.

Instagram: App Fights Bots With Selfie Video Verification

Bots have long been an enemy of the Instagram app. In addition to sending spam messages to users, in fact, they can harass those who frequent the platform or “illegally” increase the number of followers of an account. Precisely for this reason, Meta recently announced that it is working for ask suspicious accounts to verify that they are human, and not robots. According to reports from XDA Developers, the platform has been testing this option since last year, but it seems to have encountered quite a few technical problems.

In fact, many users have recently reported that they have been asked to provide a selfie video to verify their identity. Apparently, the platform specifically requires you to frame “all angles of your face” to prove that you are real people, not bots. On the other hand, it would seem that the Instagram App is requesting this verification only from very suspicious accounts. The option, in fact, does not use facial recognition, but uses the support of a team scrutinizing video after video. And after 30 days, the video will be deleted out of respect for users’ privacy.

In short, although Meta has declared that he does not want to resort to facial recognition, it is quite clear that this function goes far beyond his intentions. Fighting bots is an important mission for the application, and this could solve one of its biggest problems.

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