The 2021 Esports Summit starts: appointment at the Olympic Stadium in Rome

Parte l'Esports Summit 2021: appuntamento allo Stadio Olimpico di Roma thumbnail

TheSports Summit, which for this 2021 edition will be hosted in the splendid corniche of Olympic Stadium in Rome from 17 to 18 November. This is the first Italian event dedicated to the Esport industry, organized by Mkers e Social Media Soccer. The focus of this edition will be to tell the esports market, revealing the tricks of the trade to operate on the global market.

Esports Summit 2021: appointment in Rome

As we have already anticipated at the beginning, the focal point of this edition will be tell about the eSports industry and market, also and above all thanks to the presence of excellent players in the sector, such as teams, publishers and event organizers. The ultimate goal is to clarify what are the cornerstones for operating worldwide in this new, nascent, but already extremely stratified market.

There will be many themes that will be touched upon at this juncture. In the first place the topic of the building a team, specifying what are the ingredients needed to create a high-impact event and how to invest in your organization.

Of course, however, there will also be room for current topics, such as those of inclusiveness, education and environmental sustainability, as important in everyday life as in the eSports sector and in the market that revolves around digital sports.

Finally, on the occasion of the 2021 Esports Summit Mkers e Social Media Soccer will be the conductors of the “Sports Summit Awards“. It is an award established with the aim of rewarding the best European teams and designed to guarantee added value to Italian eSports market, both for enthusiasts and for companies not yet involved and that the event aims to intercept.

the categories of prizes recognized by the “Easter eGG” will be: Best European Esport Team, Best European FPS Player, Best European Moba Player, Best European Sport Player, Best Competitive Event, e Best Activation. The latter category is particularly interested, given that it was established to assess the impact of an initiative in the export market.