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Instagram introduces text-to-speech and vocal effects in the Reels

Instagram continues to invest in new features for Reels: arrive on text-to-speech and voice effects. The first function, in addition to providing the ‘robotic’ effect of the voice that reads the text written in the Reels, also represents an important functionality for accessibility.

Instagram Reels: text-to-speech and vocal effects arrive

The text-to-speech functionality allows you to add a robotic voice to the Reels that reads what you have written in your video content. An interesting feature especially for those who have difficulty seeing the texts on the screen, which makes this tool of the more accessible platform for all users. Although on TikTok, many users use it simply because the artificial voice that reads the texts can be an extra stylistic note in your Reels. The monotone voice can provide a robotic commentary that many creators find amusing on TikTok, beyond the benefits for the visually impaired.

To access this feature, users only need to click on the text ‘cloud’ icon to listen to an artificial reading of what is written. You can then decide on the timing of text-to-speech narration with the menu that opens at the bottom of the app. A tap is therefore enough to enable the function, without the need for further efforts for those who create the content or for those who are admiring it. You can also choose between two different voices, to vary your production.

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Vocal effects to make your Reels unique

In addition to the text-to-speech functionality, Instagram introduces the voice effects on the Reels. With this feature you can change your voice as you find more fun, with different options present. For example, you can make your high-pitched voice sound as if you have inhaled helium contained in a balloon. You can also sound like a robot, with autonomous vibrations in the voice. Or titanize with the voice from giant, look like a vocalist in the most exclusive place. Or even play with a announcer at the stadium or at a race.

To activate these effects, just click on the musical note after recording the Reel. At this point you can open the Audio Controls, where you can change the volume of the recording and manage all these effects.

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Both of these features demonstrate the attention that Instagram is paying to its tool that rivals TikTok, trying to provide a large number of options for creatives. While it’s still too hard to tell if this tactic is working, content creators certainly have tons of tools to shoot and edit videos on the fly.

The new feature will arrive as an update for all Instagram users, remaining accessible only from mobile.

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