Instagram is down: problems all over Italy for the app

Instagram è down: problemi in tutta Italia per il social thumbnail

In the evening today, September 22, have multiplied reports of an Instagram down throughout Italy. The social network is experiencing some problems that are preventing users from being able to properly use all the features available. Here are the details

Instagram is down in Italy: the reports are multiplying

I Instagram problems in Italy (and not only) they started in the afternoon of today, 22 September. In the last few hours, the social network has started to register several malfunctions with the impossibility for users to be able to access all the functions. In particular, significant problems are recorded by the Stories.

There are also reports related to an incorrect display of the Feed or the inability to upload new content. Therefore, these are various problems that, in one way or another, prevent users from having complete access to the social network.

The Instagram down seems to involve both the Android and iOS apps of the social network. At the moment, there are no official statements on the part of Instagram which, of course, is aware of the down and is already working on a quick solution.

In the meantime, however, Instagram users find themselves unable to fully use the social network. For more details, you can follow the evolution of the reports on Downdetector.