Polaroid Music: four colored speakers and a dedicated radio

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Photography and music, two different forms of art united by the same expressive power. It is therefore not surprising that Polaroidwhich has been combining art and technology for 80 years, enters the world of music by launching the project Polaroid Music. An initiative consisting in the launch of a range of Bluetooth speakers and even a dedicated radio: Polaroid Radio.

“Great musicians and photographers are able to capture what we don’t always manage to express in words. They make us ‘feel’. We are new to the world of music, but we want to bring all possible color and emotion to this sector. We are thrilled with this new chapter in our history, but of course we remain committed as always to instant photography, too, ”he declares Oskar Smolokowski, President of Polaroid.

Polaroid Music: here are the four speakers of the brand

The four speakers, characterized by bright colors and a retro-futuristic design, differ in size and use. They range from the smallest, called Polaroid P1wearable Polaroid P2passing through the boombox style of Polaroid P3 and the mighty Polaroid P4. The colors available are black, red, yellow and blue. Here are the prices in detail:

  • P1 Music Player: 59,99 €
  • P2 Music Player: 129,99 €
  • P3 Music Player: 189,99 €
  • P4 Music Player: 289,99 € (only available in yellow or black version)

The speakers will arrive in Italy starting October 4, 2022 exclusively at the Rinascente store in Milan until 31 October, on the Rinascente.it website and on nital.it/polaroid. From 1 November, they will be on sale at the best authorized dealers.

All four speakers have a red button, a nod to the iconic Polaroid instant camera, while the device’s analog dial has been specially designed to change stations in the Polaroid Worksor without having to pick up the phone.

Polaroid Radio it is in fact the heart and soul of the project. A sort of web radio, with five free FM stations constantly evolving, without advertising. Users can listen to it via the web or via the new Polaroid Music app.

“In a world of algorithms, Polaroid puts the radio back in the hands of real people: selected artists, DJs and editors have in fact created stations with their favorite songs, both emerging and iconic.” reads a press release from the brand.