Instagram su iPad: non ci sono abbastanza utenti per l

Instagram on iPad: There are not enough users for the app

Instagram never had a dedicated app on iPad and the situation will not change: the management of the social network thinks there are not enough users. The CEO Adam Mosseri reiterates the concept once again: for Instagram, the iPad is not a priority.

Instagram won’t have an iPad app, there aren’t enough users

Already in 2020 Adam Mosseri he had been laconic in stating that Instagram’s iPad app wasn’t busy. There are not enough users to justify the development on Apple’s tablets. Although, according to the manager’s words, it is a request they often make.

The techfluencer par excellence Brownlee Brands ha tweeted recently about the fact that in 2022 there is still no Instagram iPad app. Adam Mosseri is evidently a fan of the MKBHD YouTube channel (like us), because he promptly responded around you.

“Yeah, they often tell us. But it’s still not a big enough group of people to be a priority. We hope to get there at some point, but for the moment we are working with our heads down on other things, ”she wrote.

instagram ipad ceo no min

Continuing the answer in another tweet, Mosseri added: “I call these the ‘finally work‘. Things like dark mode support, scheduled posts, an iPad app, the ability to delete a photo from the Carousel, etc. ”. And then again he explained that they already support iOS, Android www and the IG Lite platform, with Android being the largest share of the market.

He also explained that there are more urgent functions. Like the fact that TikTok and YouTube are titans to deal with, that people share more via messages than in Stories or the Feed. And therefore they must adapt the platform.

But many online users keep wondering how it is possible that the Instagram market on iPadOS is so small, since Apple has sold over 51 million tablets last year. There seems to be some strategic decision behind it, although it gets harder every year to figure out which one it is.

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