Silent Hill: il sito è stato venduto ufficialmente ad un utente anonimo thumbnail

Silent Hill: site officially sold to an anonymous user

The official Silent Hill website is no longer owned by Konami, as it has just been purchased by a user or company that has remained anonymous for now. Although the identity of this mysterious buyer is not in the public domain it seems quite evident that it is someone who has a deep hatred towards the Japanese company, given that rather unambiguous messages have appeared on the site.

The Silent Hill site has been sold

That of the site of Silent Hill is a story that has lasted for about three years now: in 2019 in fact Konami he had shown total disinterest in the website, not renewing its domain, despite the fact that in practice it belonged to one of his most successful series. The site has therefore been on sale ever since, priced at around $ 10,000, but now someone has bought it.

As we said, the identity of the buyer is unknown, but it is immediately evident that it is someone who Konami does not have to be very nice. On the homepage of the website in fact, the screenshot of a recent tweet by Masahiro Itoin which he explains rather angry that he regrets having created the Pyramid Head design, although we do not know the exact reason.

The lack of compensation on the statues of the character certainly has nothing to do with it, given that the designer explained that he had never been paid a penny for them; not that this is particularly surprising. In any case, Konami is certainly not a popular software house, and his choices oriented only to immediate gain are tangible proof of this. On the other hand, it is not only the users who complain about it, but also the developers who have worked for the company.

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