Instagram reaches 2 billion active users per month

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According to reports from a group of anonymous CNBC employees, the Instagram app has reached i 2 billion monthly active users. A shocking figure, to say the least, which the parent company Meta has kept us from disclosing. On the other hand, it must be considered that in recent months the platform has often been under scrutiny for potentially causing damage to children and adolescents. Yet, if we simply look at it from a business growth perspective, this number really turns heads. And it is the clear signal that all the efforts of the company are bringing the desired results.

Instagram: App reaches 2 billion monthly active users

The last time the Instagram app announced its active user base was in 2018, when the platform proudly revealed that it had reached a whopping 1 billion users. From that moment it took another three years for the application to reach the 2 billion monthly active users quota. However, this time it was revealed by a group of anonymous employees, who claimed to have discovered it during a series of internal conversations. Indeed, apparently the 2 billion threshold would have been reached even before Facebook changed its name to Meta.

On the other hand, as we know, the Instagram App has done nothing but run after TikTok. The Chinese application, in fact, exceeded 1 billion active users last September, just three years after being made available on the market. For now, therefore, it is Instagram that is on the podium. But we don’t really know how long this record will last. And the parent company Meta doesn’t know either. In the meantime, however, it continues to release functions that make the application more and more similar to TikTok, as demonstrated by the very recent “Reels Visual Replies”.

The intent of Instagram, of course, is to continue to be the most appreciated social network by the public. And even if the 2 billion figure proves that this is the case, it is clear that the company is not really enjoying this result. On the other hand, we must not forget that the App has been accused of exacerbate the problems of adolescents about their own body image, and also to facilitate the younger ones in the supply of drugs. In short, the most used application in the world is not doing very well. But this does not mean that the 2 billion users reached are a huge achievement.

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