Instagram responds to BeReal with Candid Stories (and more)

Instagram risponde a BeReal con le Candid Stories (e non solo) thumbnail

Instagram announces several new features to give users more ways to share on social media, including the launch of Notes: A way to share your thoughts with text and emojis. But perhaps the most interesting novelty is among the features being tested: in fact, the Candid Stories, Instagram’s response to BeReal.

Instagram Candid Stories, the social network’s answer to BeReal

For years, many users have been using Instagram especially for Stories, a post format that lasts one day only to tell about their life every day. Those who have been using the social network for a long time will perhaps remember that this function takes up the Stories version of Snapchat and perfect it.

Yesterday the social network added new functions to Stories to respond instead to the trend of BeReal, making the stories more spontaneous. In fact i start public tests of Candid Stories, which will only be visible by other users who have in turn shared a Candid. You’ll have a daily reminder to post your Candid Stories (although you can turn it off in Settings).

Also, comes a variant of the Stories”Add Yourswhere you can invite a friend to join your Stories when you see a prompt that reminds you of them, making interactions with Stories feel even more natural.

Among the news arriving today there is also Notes, which allows you to share small 60-character notes or emojis with friends. Notes appear on top of yours inbox of DMs and they stay there for 24 hours. The answers instead will end up in the DMs of the person you write to.

Finally, there are new ways to collaborate. There are the Group Profiles: content will only reach group members to post exclusive content for your closest friends. In addition, there is the possibility of saving some posts in “Collaborative Collection”, both within your Group and 1:1 with a friend of yours.

You can learn more about these news on the Instagram blog.

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