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Instagram takes a turn on in-stream shopping

Instagram turns around shopping in-stream thumbnail

Over the course of the pandemic, the e-commerce capabilities of social media have seen quite remarkable success. After months, however, no one – or almost – seems to be more interested in shopping on the App like Instagram and TikTok. Precisely for this reason, in fact, the platform owned by Meta has chosen to downsize its in-stream purchases. And indeed, even to turn around with respect to his shopping project on the App.

Instagram: App abandons the in-stream shopping program

Instagram is planning to drastically scale down its shopping features, the company told Instagram staff Tuesday, as it shifts the focus of its e-commerce efforts to those that directly drive advertising. The retirement shows how Meta Platforms is moving away from some long-term projects as it focuses on building its short-format video business ”. Thus the The Information portal reports that the current “Shop” tab it will soon disappear from the App, replaced by a “simpler and less personalized version” of the in-stream product.

A significant change from Meta’s initial projects, which intended to focus on in-stream shopping as a source of income from the platform. But, apparently, the tendency to shop from social media is not there. And repeating on our market some of the typical trends of the Chinese one seems to be once again a gamble. Therefore, the App is reluctantly saying goodbye to one of the options it had focused on most in recent months. On the other hand, nothing can be done against a disinterested public.

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