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Instagram tests a BeReal-style feature

Instagram tests a BeReal thumbnail-style feature

Still new fromApps on Instagramwhich has just started testing the new “Candid Challenges“, A function similar in all respects to that proposed by BeReal, the most trendy social network of the moment. The option was identified by the expert Alessandro Paluzzi, although at the moment it is still unpublished. In this regard, a spokesperson confirmed that the feature is an “internal prototype”, but declined to provide further details.

Instagram: App tests Candid Challenges, an option similar to BeReal

Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that the Instagram App is testing a function similar to the one proposed by BeReal. With “Candid Challenges” users will see a notification every day at a different time to take a picture of their surroundings. Upon receiving the request, the Instagram camera will also open with shooters, both front and rear, and give users a window of two minutes to take a photo. The content shared through the challenges will then appear in the user Stories bar. If it seems to you that this is something you have already seen, it is because this is the option that in recent months is making BeReal a successful App.

For the moment, however, it is not yet known when Instagram will decide to release the function, but the mere fact that it is testing it internally indicates that the platform has its own strategy already very clear. After all, BeReal has a large following among Gen Z and has become very popular in recent months, earning the first place in the Apple App Store, in front of Instagram and Facebook. Not surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Meta’s future is based on attraction for the young people adults, who spend more and more time on non-Meta platforms. And if TikTok is now a full-blown competitor, BeReal could have the part of him in this race to the hearts of users.

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