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Sony announces the release of PlayStation VR 2 in 2023

Sony unveiled the time window for the release of PlayStation VR 2: the latest generation viewer for PS5 will arrive in early 2023. No date had been announced so far, but many rumors wanted the launch by the end of the year. Instead, those who want to try virtual reality on PlayStation will have to wait a little longer.

Sony announces the release of PlayStation VR 2, appointment to 2023

The announcement is very direct and concise. On Twitter, PlayStation Italia he just writes “Coming in early 2023. # PSVR2”. And post a picture of the viewer for the next generation console, along with the two hand controllers.

The first PS VR, which you can still buy in bundle con PlayStation, brought virtual reality to Sony’s home gaming world. And this new generation promises to improve the experience for all users in VR. Even because Sony has repeatedly shown that it focuses heavily on this technology.

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Sony has already announced big things for PlayStation VR 2. Starting with support for 20 exclusive games, including Horizon: Call of the Mountain from Guerrilla. And then there will be many technological innovations, such as the mode See-Through View, to look around without removing the viewer from your face, using the integrated front cameras.

Also, the headset will be linked to PS5 HD Camera to register while playing, if you have both accessories. And you can also customize the game area to the environment in which you play, adapting the game style to the room.

In short, we expect a clear leap in quality compared to the previous generation, for a viewer that will bring many players into virtual reality. What do you think about it? Comprerete PSVR2 as soon as it arrives on the market? Let us know in the comments.


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