Instagram tests the advertising in the shop

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These days the announcements of expanding advertising everywhere, even in space, are becoming more and more frequent. Now, apparently, the advertisements will come too in the Instagram Shop. This was announced by the same platform, which for now is testing ads – single image or image carousel – with a group of advertisers in the United States. And if the test goes as planned, the App will certainly not hesitate to expand this possibility elsewhere.

Shop: Instagram adds ads to the section

The Instagram Shop is a relatively recent novelty. Last year, in an attempt to make its platform more than just a tool for connecting with friends and following favorite brands, Instagram added a section entirely dedicated to online shopping. And now the company has chosen to invest again in the “Shop” section, introducing advertisements. According to the company, the new ads will be launched with a model based on the auction. And they will be visible on mobile devices only, since the Instagram Shop is only available on the mobile App.

As for the number of ads visible to each user, it seems that this depends on how they use Instagram, and on the number of people who shop within the Shop. Indeed, in this regard, the platform claims to want to monitor user sentiment, in order to balance ads and content. For the moment, the function is being tested for a number of US advertisers, including Away, Boo Oh and Fenty Beauty. Therefore, we don’t know when it will be made available outside the US, although Instagram seems intent on doing so as soon as possible. A clear sign that the platform is changing, moving towards a more commercial nature.

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