Instagram, il CEO conferma: niente app per iPad thumbnail

Instagram, the CEO confirms: no iPad app

Instagram CEO confirms: no iPad thumbnail app

There is none native Instagram app for iPad and the company has no intention to throw one. The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri confirmed that “It would be nice” to develop it but for the moment it is not in the plans of the company. Although with iPadOS 15 it should be possible to use the iOS app even on the largest screen of iPads.

Instagram CEO confirms: no native iPad app

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently answered the question “Where is the Instagram app” in a way that infuriated some Twitter commenters. “I spent some time on an iPad because I was flying on a plane but there’s no Instagram app yet. It would be nice to do it but there is so much to do and only a certain number of people who can do it ”.

Instagram currently has a couple of apps designed for iPad. Like Hyperlapse to create videos using the stabilization created by Facebook, for example to record the sunset and turn it into a video of only ten seconds. In addition there is also the app of Boomerang, which is used to create looped videos, which repeat themselves in succession. But then it is not possible to post these videos directly on the social network, you have to upload them to the cloud and then publish them on your smartphone or desktop.

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IpadOS 15, however, could bring the solution. With the new operating system the iOS applications that don’t have an iPad counterpart can be seen in the “scaled up ”on the Apple tablet. Kind of how it works on Android tablets – the app just gets bigger to fit the new screen.

Maintaining and updating a dedicated app on iPadOS is not in Instagram’s plans, it seems to be a matter of personnel management: reserving a unit of work for the development of this app is not economically worthwhile. At least according to what can be deduced from the words of Mosseri. But with the next update it should be possible to use it without problems.

We just have to wait for Apple’s announcements of tomorrow: we will know when the new operating system will arrive.

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