Instagram will allow you to reorder your feed

Profilo disordinato? Niente paura: Instagram permetterà di riordinare a piacimento il feed thumbnail

We all love neat Instagram feeds, but not all of us have the patience to organize publications to follow a specific pattern. Apparently the solution is coming.

Soon we will be able to reorder our Instagram feed at will

There is little to do: a feed Instagram ordered always has a certain impact on the visitors of our profile. What in the world of social media management is achieved by carefully following editorial calendars it can finally be conquered even by those who have always published at random. According to rumors of Alessandro Paluzzi, Italian developer, Instagram would in fact be testing a feature called Edit Grid. This will allow us to move the photos from our profile at will, abandoning the chronological order typical of social media, e creating photo grids at our discretion. Basically we will be able to choose to show our first publication on the social network as the last one, even if it dates back to 2013.

The functionality is valid for any photo uploaded from the creation of the account, and the use will take place through a very simple and intuitive drag & drop system (by dragging the images).

We do not know at the moment when the functionality will be officially released, but generally after a test period (which usually lasts a few months), the new features are made available to a few randomly selected users, and then be definitively implemented for the entire community. We can therefore assume that it will take a few more months, time that we can take for imagine how we would like to modify our feed.

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