Xbox offers a cross-platform blacklist for harassing users

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Santa Claus does not deliver gifts to children on his blacklist. Similarly, Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, proposes an ambitious project: the creation of a blacklist valid on all consoles and PCs.

A unique Blacklist for different consoles and PCs: the Xbox idea

Speaking to the New York Times, Phil SpencerXbox CEO – he declared: “I would like the various realities of the sector to join forces against cheaters and harassing users. I am aware that it is not an easy project to carry out, but if we reported our users banned to other platforms we would all benefit from it “.

Spencer has also proposed a system that allows individual players to create lists of users with whom they have not found themselves well in the game. Here’s how he explained the idea, which seemed to many to be a controversial approach:

“It would be like saying: this is a list of people I choose not to play with”

“Xbox Live is not the place for free speech: we do entertainment”

At the moment Microsoft, uses the Xbox AI for monitor the tones of conversations between users, in order to detect any offenses and threats among the players. After all, Spencer himself admitted that the Xbox Live network “is not a platform dedicated to free speech. There are rules that pursue our policy aimed at respecting community members “

The issue is very delicate, especially in times of strong social tensions and debates on freedom of expression. On this topic the boss of the big X console wanted to be very clear. In fact, he commented:

“We are a gaming entertainment platform. Our networks are not the right place to face social or political discourse: that’s not why users turn on their Xbox “

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