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Instagram will increase the story duration to over 60 seconds

Instagram is continuing with hers upgrade work and this time in the social network’s crosshairs there would be stories, of which the maximum duration. In fact, it seems that Instagram will allow you to exceed the 60 seconds currently available for videos, without necessarily dividing them into multiple stories. An update that the community has been clamoring for a long time.

Instagram increases the duration of the stories

The discovery was made by an Italian developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, who posted a screenshot on Twitter to show the news to the public. It is not yet known when Instagram will implement the update, but it is certain that the social will allow uploading to the stories of video for over 60 seconds in the stories, without fragmenting them into several parts.

Obviously, along with this possibility, there is also that of attaching music and sound effects to the movie, as is already the case. Although this novelty may seem trivial at first glance, in reality it is an important sign of how much the social network is considering competition from TikTok, implementing functions aimed at making the ecosystem in some ways similar to its lucky colleague.

Instagram duration stories

It is no coincidence that the same Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri, declared this summer that the social network must become a kind of better clone of TikTok, transforming itself into a platform suitable for content creators. A transition that has already been underway for some time, but has only recently seen a large number of updates designed specifically for this purpose.

In short, it seems that an important rebranding work is underway, and it is plausible to imagine that the social network will add or modify many other functions in the coming months. To find out, we just have to wait, as the announcements may arrive shortly.

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