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Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU lineup and specification news

The lineup and technical specifications of the 13th Gen Intel CPUs for “Raptor Lake” desktop leaked before the official release on the market

In this article we will get to know what should be the official lineup of the new ones CPU Intel’s 13th Gen and its technical specifications. I remind you that, even if they come from a reliable source, these are still unconfirmed rumors; so I ask you to take this into account before continuing with the reading of the article.

Also, I remind you that the presentation of the processors 13th Generation Core (Raptor Lake), it should held on 27/28 September during the event Intel Innovation (to be held in San Jose – California). Rumors indicate that at the event, Intel could also reveal the dates of commercial availability and the starting price. Also according to some rumors, we also have a precise date, or the day October 17, 2022.

Intel 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” CPU News

Below I will show you the specs of the next generation of processors Intel (here for more info on the company) Core for desktop leaked ahead of the official announcement. The line will include 14 models with up to 24 cores and 5.8GHz clock speedwhich represents a true record per the Intel CPU.

Wccftech came into possession of some tables that list all 13th generation Core desktop chips, with all their main specifications. Like the 12th Gen Cores Alder Lake series, too Raptor Lake (13th Generation Core) will use a hybrid architecture with core for performance and efficiency. But compared to its predecessor, the 13th generation components will be able to provide a higher number of cores of efficiency. In addition, a large increase in maximum clock speeds is expected.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU lineup and specification news

Technical features

Thanks to the information received, we know that the series of Core desktop di 13a generation will consist of 14 SKU. These will be divided into various series: K, no K, F, KF e T, where those with the “K” are unlocked and those with the “F” do not have iGPU. Additionally, the unlocked parts will also have a higher TDP than the others. Instead the “T” series chips should have the lowest TDP of the group.

All chips will support memorie DDR4-3200 e DDR5-5600; except for the Core i5-13400which should only support DDR5-4800 (although it will likely use higher clocked memories in OC mode). Also, only the SKU i9 (except the i9-13900T) should support the Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB).

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU lineup and specification news

Guaranteed high performance

The flagship processor is the Core i9-13900K/KFcon 8x P-cores e 16x E-colors. Thanks to the TVB, it can reach i 5.8GHz in a single P-core, but the frequency of all P-cores is locked to 5,5GHz. For those who want top-notch performance while saving some money, the Core i7-13700K/KF it might be worth considering. With a peak of 5,4 GHz e 8 core P e 8 core Ethe i7-13700K / KF will likely be the most popular choice for Intel fans.

Finally, the i5 chips are led by the Core i5-13600K/KF con 6 core P a 5,1 GHz e 8 core E-. Considering the higher clock speeds of other 13th generation Core chips, the i5 “K / KF” CPUs will likely be the ones with the most OC headroom.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU lineup and specification news

Availability of the new Intel 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” CPU

As already mentioned, the presentation of the CPU desktop Intel 13th Gen Core is scheduled for the event Intel Innovation, in San Jose, California, September 27-28. Where the date of entry on the market should be confirmed, which without future denials, will almost certainly be the day October 17, 2022.

And you? what do you think of these rumors about the lineup and the specifications of the new one Raptor Lake ? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on TechGameWorld.com, for the latest news from the world of technology (and not only!).

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