Samsung e Intel scelgono il Vietnam per la produzione di semiconduttori thumbnail

Intel and Samsung will manufacture semiconductors in Vietnam

Samsung and Intel choose Vietnam for semiconductor manufacturing thumbnail

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Il semiconductor market is constantly growing and manufacturers like Samsung and Intel increase investments to enhance the production system. The two companies are embarking on parallel projects to support improving semiconductor manufacturing on a global scale. Both Samsung and Intel have chosen the Vietnam for new investments. Here are all the details related to the projects of the two companies:

Samsung and Intel initiate new semiconductor investments in Vietnam

Starting next July 2023, thanks to a maxi investment of 3.3 billion dollars already started for some time, Samsung will start semiconductor production in Vietnam. The Korean firm’s investment concerns two different factories, one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Thai Ngyen. Vietnam had proposed itself as Samsung’s partner already in 2020 by providing a facilitated channel for the Korean giant’s investments that were not long in coming.

It should also be noted that Intel also chose Vietnam for new semiconductor investments. In particular, the company intends to expand its investments in the country with an assembly and testing plant. In the near future, Vietnam will become increasingly important to the semiconductor industry as it intends to untie its dependence on China and Taiwan.

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