Intel anticipates the roadmap of the future: lots of news on the way

Intel anticipa la roadmap del futuro: tante novità in arrivo thumbnail

Intel Corporation presented this week la new roadmap for processes and packaging technologies more detailed than ever that anticipates the news of the future. The company aims to introduce a number of major radical innovations that will underpin Intel products of the future between now and 2025 and beyond. Among the news is the announcement of RibbonFET, the first transistor architecture introduced by Intel in over 10 years. Also noteworthy is the debut of PowerVia, the industry’s first backside power solution.

Lots of news for Intel’s future

Intel engineers have defined a new nomenclature of nodes to offer a clear and homogeneous picture of technologies and future innovations in the sector. Among the novelties we find Intel 7 offers approximately 10% to 15% performance increase per watt over Intel SuperFin at 10nm. Also worth mentioning Intel 4 which will be ready in the second half of 2022 with a performance increase per Watt of 205.

Intel 3 will take advantage of FinFET optimizations and an increase in the EUV to provide an approximately 18% increase in performance per watt compared to Intel 4. Of note is the novelty represented by Intel 20A which will usher in the era of the angstrom with two new technologies: RibbonFet and PowerVia. Production of the Intel 20A will begin in 2024. On this project, Intel will collaborate with Qualcomm by making chips for its direct rival.

The company’s comment

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, points out, “Building on Intel’s unquestioned leadership in advanced packaging, we are accelerating our innovation roadmap to ensure we are on the path to manufacturing process performance leadership by 2025. With an unparalleled innovation program, we bring technological advances starting from the transistor up to the system level. Until the periodic table of elements is exhausted, we will not stop pursuing Moore’s Law in our path of innovation with the magic of silicon ”.