Control Ultimate Edition arrives on Google Stadia

Control Ultimate Edition arriva su Google Stadia thumbnail

The much appreciated Control comes in the version Ultimate Edition its Google Stadia. Given the truly impressive technical sector of the game, the possibility of playing it on any PC or through Google’s cloud-gaming service it’s a great opportunity.

The developers made the announcement 505 Games e Remedy Entertainment. The video game is a sort of TPS (third person shooter) in which, more than on firearms, the protagonist will make use of supernatural powers and what the surrounding environment offers her.

The benefits of Control Ultimate Edition on Google Stadia

One of the features that made Control already a cult is the ability to manipulate and destroy a large part of the scenario. This achievement is made possible by the brilliant physics engine, which it runs a huge amount of object movements and special effects.

This makes Control not a very light title from a technical point of view, and not everyone may have a PC powerful enough to run it at its best. In this sense, Google Stadia comes in handy, which will run the game remotely on its servers and it will send the player only the streaming video and audio stream.

The only requirement thus becomes the connection to the Internet, instead of the processor, the video card and so on. Control Ultimate Edition will be available to play in two modes. The first focuses on graphics, and delivers up to resolution 4K e 30 fps. The second focuses on fluidity, down to resolution Full HD ma con 60 fps.

The words of Neil Ralley

Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games, said:

“We launched Control Ultimate Edition on Google’s Stadia platform to offer gamers a new way to experience this great video game. Cloud gaming breaks many barriers to entry by making it much easier to access a video game and we find this to be a great opportunity to further expand Control’s audience “

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