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Intel ARC GPUs would be very close to launch!

The blue Intel team would be finalizing the production stages of their future Intel ARC GPUs. They will directly challenge Nvidia when it comes to pricing

The news arrives from the portal wccftech, and other rumors seem to confirm this hypothesis Intel with its futures GPU ARC it would be about to launch, or at least it would be completing the production phases.

Three video cards that should initially be presented, all of them dedicated to the desktop sector. The models of the Californian giant should be called A750 e A580 for the mid-range (and perhaps medium-high) e A380 for the entry level range. Then there is another extra model, which deserves a separate discussion, in fact as regards the top of the range model it should be represented by the model A780, let’s see all the details.

Intel ARC GPUs would be very close to launch!

The arrival of the new Intel ARC video cards is imminent for desktop, and for the most part they should have prices very much in line with those of Nvidia, apart from market availability. Even the first 3 GPUs mentioned are rumored they should arrive by the end of Junei.e. the A750, A580 and A380 models.

According to the source, it seems to be May 15th the departure date, and the presentation at the end of June. The A750 and A580 models will almost certainly be the first to be presented, on the other hand, the entry-level model A380 will be slow to arrive, but not by long. Regarding the price issue, there are many hypotheses, let’s try to make a selection of them.

It would be the model A750 the direct opponent of GeForce RTX 3060with a price that should be around 350 dollars about. To collide with the model GeForce RTX 3050 instead it should be the model A580, with a list price of 280 dollars. Let’s move instead to the entry level model, that is l’A380, to collide with this model should be the GeForce GTX 1650and should be priced competitively at $ 150.

Obviously, this is not a certain fact of pricesand if compared with the GeForce GPU models in the US market, the prices may seem higher, to the detriment of the Intel models, obviously we must then frame the models in the market once presented, Intel GPUs could be in some respects even cheaper. Wccftech colleagues quote the following words about this;

If Intel could enforce those prices, through discounts and marketing assistance, coupled with the incredible XeSS implementation (and consequent broad support for many titles), the company would see a great start in getting to market… If, however, they will not be able to enforce leaked prices initially, so there may be problems gaining initial market share, at least initially

And precisely with regard to the implementation of the Xe Super Samplingsuch function should support AV1 codec with Deep Link functionalitya technology that would allow games to be upscaled, making use of machine learning, the basis of the future Intel ARC. Result? At least it should ensure extreme gaming detail on 4K. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

The article Intel ARC GPUs would be very close to launch! comes from allotek.

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