Xbox: server down for the whole weekend and the controversy starts

I server di Xbox sono stati in down per tutto il weekend: ecco cosa è successo thumbnail

Xbox still seems to have several problems with DRM technology, that is, the system that verifies the purchase of a subscription at the start of each game and the servers went down for the whole last weekend. In fact, at the moment, when server malfunctions occur, it becomes totally impossible to access your game library, as happened last weekend.

Xbox: server down all weekend

Now the emergency is over, but the complaints of Microsoft users do not show signs of diminishing in intensity, even quite understandably, if we consider that the weekend includes the days off for most people. To make the situation even worse, just during this weekend, Fortnite began to be available in the cloud.

Here is what we read in the Washington Post, in an article written by journalist Gene Park: “The DRM problem is my biggest problem with Xbox. It’s crazy that I can’t play games that I bought and own because they can’t get their thing to work. Imagine not being able to read a book because the publisher’s office in England is on fire ”.

The creator Paris Lilly then thought to add to the dose: “the interruptions on Xbox have made it clear that something has to change with their DRM policy, the games that have been downloaded to my console should have a window to be offline and playable without check “.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has not yet expressed itself on the subject.

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