Intel ARC, unveiled the three upcoming GPUs

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New information on the GPU Intel ARCwhich the company will launch to enter the video card market: A750, A580 e A380. In the future, the flagship A780, to compete with the best AMD and Nvidia cards.

Intel ARC, three GPUs on the way: A750, A580 and A380

According to sources from TaiwanIntel would contact some chip vendors for the development of the ARC graphics cards. According to reports, Intel wants to start immediately with a bang by simultaneously launching three GPUs and entering the graphics market.

The first launch will see the arrival of A750, A580 e A380while only later should the top-of-the-range video card arrive A780. In the unveiled document there are also possible launch dates and expected prices.

Between the end of May and the beginning of June, Intel wants to launch the A580 (which it compares in power to an Nvidia RTX 3050) on the market. The price of this GPU should be aroundat $ 280. At the same time, the A750 should also arrive (on the level of RTX 3060) which should cost 350 dollars. We are therefore talking about two mid-range cards, one option for builds in different budgets.

The A380, the entry-level Intel ARC GPU, priced from 150 dollars and comparable in power to a GTX 1650.

If the relative powers are effective, the prices are in line with the Nvidia price list. But currently all GPUs of the cthey resist more because of the high demand. So it will be necessary to understand if Intel will be able to maintain the recommended price or if the ARCs will also go up in price.

In addition, Intel has assured partners that the drivers are continuously improving performance. But at least at the beginning we will have to wait egr evaluate functionality and support. What is certain is that the GPU market will soon have a new player, which could increase competition (and hopefully lower prices).

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