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NVIDIA: “Ready and In Stock” campaign is back

Nvidia’s “Ready and In Stock” campaign is back with many new GeForce RTX Series 30 products, thanks to this campaign, the latest generation of gaming technologies such as Ray-Tracing and DLSS are accessible at more affordable prices

NVIDIA announces today the latest updates of “Ready and in Stock”the campaign designed to make finally accessible to all graphics cards and desktops with GeForce RTX Serie 30 at advantageous prices. This initiative will allow more and more people to buy a card and thus try thegaming experience more advanced than ever thanks to NVIDIA technologies.

NVIDIA cards, in fact, allow you to take advantage of technologies such as the ray-tracingwhich simulates the behavior of light in the real world to produce more graphics realistic and immersive always, the DLSSwhich, through i Tensor Core e l’IA, guarantees an increase in performance without compromising image quality e NVIDIA Reflex, for lower system latency in the most competitive games. Finally, thanks to the power of the products RTXyou can create amazing designs 3D, photorealistic simulations and extraordinary visual effects. All with extreme speed to meet the needs of the most demanding creators.


NVIDIA: Here are the products of this week

Countryside “Ready and in Stock” from Nvidia this week offer the following products already available for purchase:

  • GPU Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Ti X3 8Gavailable at And Informatica – at the price of 799€
  • GPU Palit GeForce RTX 3050 Dual 8Gavailable at And Informatica – at the price of 389€
  • GPU Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Twin X2 OCavailable at And Informatica– at the price of 489€
  • Desktop Next PC Gaming NBOX 73available at Next – at the price of 825€
  • Desktop Next PC Gaming NBOX 61available at Next -at the price of 2239€

For further offers and more information, you can visit the page dedicated to the initiative.

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