Intel Architecture Day 2021: Next Generation Architectures Unveiled

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On the occasion ofIntel Architecture Day 2021 divers were revealeddetails on next generation architectures that will characterize the future of the company. Raja Koudri and the Intel team have, in fact, provided several details regarding the two new x86 core architectures and Intel’s first high-performance hybrid architecture, codenamed Alder Lake. Furthermore, additional details have been released regarding the new solutions that Intel will present in the future.

Intel Architecture Day 2021: many news unveiled

The new x86 microarchitecture Efficient-core Intel aims to offer high scalability. This solution is suitable for low-power mobile applications and multi-core microservices. Compared to Skylake, Intel’s most prolific CPU microarchitecture, Efficient-core delivers 40% more single-thread performance. Alternatively, this solution is able to offer the same performance but with a 40% lower consumption.

Then there is Perofrmance-core, the highest performing CPU core ever built by Intel. This solution guarantees an improvement in Geomean of approximately 19% on a wide range of workloads compared to 11th generation Intel Core solutions, at the same frequency.

The news coming for the company

Among the news there is also Alder Lake, Intel’s new high-performance hybrid architecture that combines Efficient-core and Performance-core with high scalability. During the Intel Architecture Day 2021 there was also space for Sapphire Rapids, a new standard for next-generation data center processors, and for upcoming new graphics architectures, including microarchitectures HPG Vehicle e HPC Vehicle, in addition to SoC Alchemist and Ponte Vecchio.

The full video of the event is available on Intel site along with many other information on the new solutions presented by the company.

Raja Koduri from Intel points out: “The innovations we announced today demonstrate how the architecture will meet the huge demand for compute performance, at a time when workloads in data centers and desktops are growing and becoming more complex and diverse than ever. “.

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