Intel Core i9-12900K: World’s best gaming processor presented

On the occasion of Intel Innovation, the company presented the twelfth generation of processors including the Core i9-12900K, let’s find out

Finally the processors from twelfth generation. Intel today unveiled six new ones CPU unlocked from desktop, including the best gaming processor to the world: theIntel Core i9-12900K. The new deskop processors reach new heights of performance in the multi-threaded field for gaming enthusiasts and creators.

Specifications and statements

Let’s start with the statements of Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President e General Manager:

The hybrid architecture of the 12th Generation Intel Core processors is made possible by a joint software and hardware design that will deliver leadership-level performance for generations. Let’s start with Core i9-12900K – our flagship and best gaming processor in the world – and move on to even more incredible experiences with the rest of the 12th generation family and beyond.

Intel Core i9-12900K: World's best gaming processor presented

Play, create and overclock with processor unlocked of the twelfth generation will surely be a pleasure. The architecture used is hybrid, characterized by a combination from Performance-core (P-core), the highest performing CPU core ever built by Intel. Not only that, on board too Efficient-core (E-core), designed to keep high performance in workloads.

The combination of the new hybrid architecture by Intel, including the Core i9-12900K, offers better performance capable of enabling:

  • The best gaming processor in the world, available with up to 16 core e 24 thread. Core i9 -12900K offre un 25% increase in FPS in Troy: A total War Saga, a + 28% FPS in Hitman 3. That’s not all, because with Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E I will be able to reduce by 75% latency when playing multitasking.
  • Leap forward in content creation performance. 36% faster Photo Editing, 32% more in Video Editing and up to 100% faster in Multi-frame rendering.
  • The best experience of Overlocking

New Intel 600 Series chipsets

Together with the 12th generation Intel Core processors, Intel also launched the new chipset Intel 600 Series with advanced reliability and performance features. For the first time, Intel brings Volume Management Device (VDM) on PC chipsets so as to simplify the check of the storage enabling direct control and management of NVMe-based SSDs.

Availability and prices

The 12th generation unlocked processors for desktop are available for pre-order for OEMs, channel partners and resellers participating in the program. From November 4 they will be available on the market with an expectation of more than 140 customers in 30 countries. Prices will start from 264 dollars as far as 589 dollars for unlocked processors.

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