Intel presenta la piattaforma Intel vPro per le aziende

Intel introduces the Intel vPro platform for business

Intel today announced the arrival of the new Intel vPro platform with 12th generation CPUs dedicated to business productivity

Designed for business use, the Intel vPro platform with 12th Generation Intel Core processors offers high levels of productivity, maximum performance and the most advanced security in every industry. Stephanie HallfordVice President and General Manager of Business Client Platforms of Inteldeclares that the new platform Intel vPro was designed to offer businesses safety, performance and manageability higher and higher. Plus, it’s re-weighing how people work with new ones hybrid architectures for business, productivity and multitsking.

Intel Introduces Intel vPro for Business Productivity

With over 15 years of innovation, Intel vPro provides companies with any size a complete portfolio of platforms that meet all needs technological and calculation. The platforms dedicated to this purpose are the following:

  • Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows is the complete commercial platform dedicated to large and medium-sized enterprises. It features a comprehensive set of technologies to help businesses keep up with threats at the safety.
  • Intel vPro Essentials extends the functionality of safety e management of devices, previously intended for large companies, in the segment of small e average businesses. Intel vPro Essentials also incorporates Intel Hardware Shield to protect platforms based on the Windows operating system.
  • Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome creates a new class of Chromebooks for use in corporate environments with the performance, stability, and security levels required by professional use. This new platform also allows managers IT Of match the right device all’right user.
  • The devices Intel vPro, Evo Design meet the design criteria of Intel vPro and of Intel Evo bringing professional-level user experiences to those who work in mobility.

Intel introduces the Intel vPro platform for business

For more details on the performance platforms and on safetyrefer to the specifications on the pages officers Of Intel. Instead, to buy games on sale, go to our Instant Gaming link! For more news and reviews, follow always the pages of

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