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Guilty Gear Strive: here are the date and participants of the ARCREVO EMEA Finals

The Guilty Gear Strive tournament is coming to an end, and in the last few hours the participants and the date on which the ARCREVO EMEA Finals will be held have been announced

Guilty Gear Strive is the latest chapter of the famous beat’em up title by Arc System Works, a team that has always been expert in structuring the best of this genre of video games. A career in fighting games allowed Guilty Gear Strive to satisfy the thirst of the most passionate players of the category, becoming perhaps one of the best games currently in its field. Obviously, being a fighting game the game lends itself excellently to be exploited in the course of real tournaments, also and above all official, and specifically dedicated events.

Clearly, however, the game is not accessible to the first who passes, and precisely because of this the pro-players of the title find themselves competing by showing off their every secret move, exposing everything just to get the first place. In a recent event, organized by the creators of the Arc System Works title and Bandai Namco, it was determined what will be the last match of the tournament ARCREVO EMEA on Guilty Gear Strive, announcing the participants for the Finals and the date on which they will be held.

Guilty Gear Strive: the date of the ARCREVO EMEA finals

As we said, Guilty Gear Strive owns deep roots in the fighting game field, and now playing online against other players is one of several ways that, compared to the nostalgic arcade, allows many more people to practice and become stronger. The narrative universe of the characters and the plots they meet make everything more interesting and captivating, but when it comes to competition there is no room for this kind of “frivolity”: the ARCREVO EMEA tournament started with the qualification challenges until January 16, and was held in different regions of the world in countries such as Algeria, Andorra, Belgium, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Morocco , Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Guilty Gear Strive: here are the date and participants of the ARCREVO EMEA Finals

Now that we have reached the final stages, space will be given to the event that it will bring together the winning players of all qualifying rounds so far, together with the first three classified in the community events (ie the DAREDEVIL). While the last event, which had 10,000 euros up for grabs, was held in February, the opportunity to see new exciting clashes will also arise in March. The date of the next ARCREVO EMEA Guilty Gear Strive tournament will be Saturday 4 March 2022, and the participating players will be:

  • NASR | Late
  • Shady
  • Oplon | Rinse
  • Slash
  • Truedevin
  • GIA | Uriel_Legion
  • WhiteBl4ck
  • Sand

In addition, there will be a way to watch the fights via streaming, throughor the official Bandai Namco Twitch channel Europe and with commentary by Logan Sama.

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