Intel lancia la nuova piattaforma vPro con Intel Core tredicesima generazione thumbnail

Intel launches new vPro platform with 13th generation Intel Core

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Intel announced its new platform vPro for professional PCsbased on the new processors 13th generation Intel Core. It is a solution designed to meet the challenges of companies in terms of PC security, management and productivity.

Intel vPro for 13th Generation Intel Core

Security is a top priority for Intel vPro, which integrates several hardware features to protect PCs from advanced threats. Among these, the IT-enabled memory encryption, which increases the security of virtualized applications in Windows. Additionally, Intel vPro leverages Intel Threat Detection Technology to work with vendors soluzioni EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and better detect emerging threats. Finally, Intel vPro is the only enterprise platform that offers hardware protection against ransomware and software chain attacks.

Stephanie Hallford, Intel vice president and general manager, Commercial Client Division, explains, “For nearly two decades, we have been committed to our mission to provide products and technologies that support business operations and employee productivity. With 13th generation Intel Core processors, the vPro platform remains the primary foundation for professional computers, offering improved security, manageability and performance.”

intel vpro intel core min

But Intel vPro is not only security: it is also performance and efficiency. The new 13th Generation Intel Core processors feature a hybrid architecture that combines the new performance cores and efficient cores on some configurations. Something that offers an optimal balance between power and consumption.

Also, thanks to Intel Thread Director e a Intel Dynamic Tuning, processors are able to dynamically adjust to system workload and thermal conditions. To complete the picture, Intel vPro-based devices support the most advanced technologies like the Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), il Thunderbolt 4 and platform certification Intel Evo.

Performance improvements

Among the improvements announced by Intel:

  • Windows applications until 65% faster than desktop PCs from 3 years ago.
  • Create content up to 45% faster than the competition.
  • Windows applications up to 2.3x faster than 3-year-old laptops.
  • Performance up to 40% faster than a current notebook with AMD and business applications up to 25% faster than Apple M2.
  • Report up to 58% faster while collaborating than the competition.

Intel vPro will be available on more than 170 entry-level notebook, desktop and workstation models from leading Intel partners such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Panasonic e Samsung. It is a wide and diversified range of professional products that meet the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors.

Find more information on the Intel website.

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