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Resident Evil 4 Remake: mercenary mode is coming soon

The much loved mercenary mode of Resident Evil 4 will also arrive very soon in the new remake in the form of free DLC

Today is definitely a great day for all lovers of the saga Resident Evilsince it has finally been published the remake of the fourth chapter. Of course, all fans of the series love the story of Leon and Ashley, but in addition to the main campaign, there is also another really loved mode in the game: mercenaries.

Unfortunately this extra mode at the moment it is not present in the new remake of Capcom, but fortunately the situation will change soon. In fact, the company declared e mercenaries will be released very soon as a free DLC per Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Mercenaries will also make you face hordes of enemies in the remake of Resident Evil 4

Longtime Resident Evil 4 fans will no doubt be missing the mercenary mode in the remake, but thankfully this great void will finally be filled before long. Capcom in fact stated that this much-loved minigame will be available for free for all platforms from April 7thi.e. in just two weeks.

Mercenaries is an extra mode where players will have to defeat enemies and bosses to earn as many points as possible before evacuating the area aboard a helicopter. In the original version it was possible to use five different characters which also stood out for their equipment, but at the time we don’t know if they will all be present as early as April 7th. For sure in the beginning it will be possible to play with Leon but considering how they handled the mercenary mode of Resident Evil Villagethe other characters may be released at a later date.

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