Intel presenta le GPU Flex Series per Data Center thumbnail

Intel presenta le GPU Flex Series per Data Center

Intel announces the GPU Flex Series per Data Center, which offer a graphics processing solution to handle a multitude of different workloads. Come on multimedia content al cloud gamingpassing through AI, the metaverse and the visual cloud.

Intel announces Flex Series GPUs for Data Center

Cloud media distribution is now the norm, cloud gaming is becoming so. And the technology of Visual Cloud will be worth $ 15 billion by 2026. With increasingly complex demands, those offering these services must have data centers up to par.

Jeff McVeigh, Intel vice president and general manager, Super Compute Group explains, “We are in the midst of explosive pixel growth driven by an increasing number of consumers and applications, as well as higher resolutions. Today’s data center infrastructure is under great pressure to process, encode, decode, move, store and display visual information. There GPU Intel Flex Series is a revolutionary project that uniquely responds to the current demand for computing capacity by providing flexibility and scalability for the immersive experiences of tomorrow ”.

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Intel’s new GPUs have the primo encoder AV1 included in industry hardware, delivering up to five times better performance transcoding. This allows operating costs to be reduced by up to 30%. And it has a great offer of multimedia tools, APIs, frameworks and codecs to manage all workloads.

They are based onIntel’s Xe HPG architecture and are supported by a large hardware and software ecosystem. They will allow you to better manage media distribution, ensuring compatibility with many codecs and excellent performance.

But Intel thinks they will also be great for delivering great performance for gaming on Android. A single GPU Flex Series 170 can reach fino a 68 stream 720p30, while the Series 140 comes up to 46 stream. Six Flex Series 140 GPU cards are enough to enable 216 simultaneous streams at 720p and 30fps.

Intel explains that the new GPUs will be available through global vendors such as Dell Technologies, HPE, H3C, Inspur, Lenovo e Supermicro. And in the coming months, solutions designed for more power will also arrive, such as for Windows gaming, AI and more.

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