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Intel presents the 12th generation Core processors: here are the details

Intel introduced the family of 12th generation Intel Core processors with the launch of six new CPUs unlocked from desktop, including the best gaming processor in the world: the Intel Core i9-12900K. With a maximum turbo boost of up to 5.2 GHz and an impressive 16 cores and 24 threads, the new desktop processors reach new heights of multi-threaded performance for gaming enthusiasts and professional content creators.

In full, the twelfth generation Intel Core family will comprise 60 processors, on which more than 500 devices produced by a wide range of partners. As anticipated during Intel Architecture Day 2021, the new high-performance hybrid architecture, the first based on the Intel 7 process, provides scalable performance from 9 to 125 Watts making it suitable for every segment of PC, from ultra-thin-and-thin laptops. -light up to enthusiast desktops, and much more.

Intel launches twelfth-generation Intel Core predecessors

The six unlocked desktop processors presented today are the first based on Intel’s high-performance hybrid architecture, featuring a combination of Performance-core (P-core), the highest performing CPU core ever built by Intel, and Efficient-core (E-core), designed to maintain high performance in scalable multi-threaded workloads.

Intel Thread Director allows the two new core microarchitectures to work seamlessly together by having the operating system place the correct thread on the most appropriate core at the right time. Intel has worked closely with its ecosystem conducting extensive tests to optimize performance and compatibility. Additionally, as part of a renewed investment with the developer community, Intel has published white papers that offer guidance on how software vendors can optimize applications for high-performance hybrid platforms.

Available with a maximum of 16 cores and 24 threads, The 12th Generation Intel Core processor family includes the Core i9-12900K, which offers a new level of gaming experience with all popular titles. Core i9-12900K provides an incredible performance improvement over the previous generation, including a 25% increase in FPS in Troy. Multi-threaded performance advances, P-core responsiveness, and the ability to transfer data at blazing speeds with DDR5 also enable top performance in all types of content creation experiences, including:

  • Photo editing up to 36% faster
  • Up to 32% faster video editing
  • 3D modeling up to 37% faster
  • Multi-frame rendering up to 100% faster

Finally, the new processors offer class-leading overclocking tools with high performance and the ultimate in customization, including the ability to overclock Efficient-cores and DDR5 memory.

New Intel 600 Series chipset

Together with the 12th generation Intel Core processors, Intel launches the new Intel 600 Series chipset with advanced reliability and performance features. The new PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes bring the total to 28 lanes on the chipset, the integrated USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 provides up to double the bandwidth, the DMI Gen 4.0 increases the throughput from chipset to CPU for fast access to peripherals and the network.

For the first time, Intel brings Intel Volume Management Device (VMD) to PC chipsets to simplify storage control by allowing direct control and management of NVMe-based SSDs from the PCIe bus without additional RAID controllers or other hardware adapters.


Intel Core 12th Gen Unlocked Desktop Processors are available for pre-order for OEMs, channel partners and resellers participating in the program. Starting November 4, they will be available on the market with an expectation of more than 140 customers in 30 countries who will add the processors to their product lines by the end of the year. Prices start at $ 264 up to $ 589 for unlocked processors.

Intel expects to ship hundreds of thousands of 12th Generation Intel Core desktop “K” processors by the end of the year and more than two million by March 2022. To enable new offerings in the desktop, mobile and business segments expected to early 2022, Intel will also ship 28 of the 12th Generation Intel Core processor family SKUs to OEM partners.

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