See the performance of the future with CORSAIR DDR5 memory

The DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB and VENGEANCE series switch to DDR5 technology

Corsair, a leader in the industry of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC assemblers, today began the era of DDR5 with the launch of DDR5 DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB and DDR5 VENGEANCE memory.

With over 25 years of experience building professional, high-performance memory, the new modules pave the way for higher frequencies, greater capacities and even faster performance, fully supporting new technologies such as 12th Generation Intel Core processors and cards. Z690 mothers.

Initially presented with frequencies of 5,200Mhz, DDR5 technology allows for integrated voltage regulation and offers easier and more precise overclocking than ever. With the ability to choose between the iconic style and the extraordinary lighting system of DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB is the compact and minimal profile of VENGEANCE, CORSAIR 32GB and 64GB kits will allow your innovative PC to take advantage of the unheard-of performance of DDR5 technology right out of the box.

See the performance of the future with CORSAIR DDR5 memory

In parallel with the continuous increase in performance and functionality of modern processors, your system also needs memories that allow you to stay up to date and take full advantage of the potential of your configuration. CORSAIR DDR5 memory therefore ensures that modern processors have the ability to receive data as quickly as possible and thus achieve unprecedented overall system performance.

While previous generations of DRAMs were limited by a voltage regulation control placed on the motherboard and therefore less precise, the new modules with DDR5 technology are the first to have an integrated voltage regulation control, adjustable directly through the CORSAIR iCUE software. . This innovation therefore allows for more precise and stable overclocking. The versatile iCUE software also allows you to easily customize and save your Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, to adapt performance to your needs directly through the application.

See the performance of the future with CORSAIR DDR5 memory

Each module of the renowned DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 memory is equipped with 12 ultra-bright and individually adjustable CAPELLIX LEDs, as well as an iconic aluminum frame made using a combination of high-precision die-casting and anodizing techniques that gives an elegant and sophisticated look to each. module. Plus, thanks to CORSAIR DHX’s patented cooling technology, DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 memory ensures outstanding performance even when pushed to the limit.

VENGEANCE DDR5 memory, on the other hand, offers the same great benefits as DDR5 memory but it offers a refined aesthetic at the same time, in a compact and minimal form factor, which adapts to most configurations. A durable aluminum heat sink efficiently cools each module, always ensuring that each memory can achieve optimum performance.

See the performance of the future with CORSAIR DDR5 memory

Both DDR5 DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB and DDR5 VENGEANCE modules feature painstakingly selected memory chips to ensure consistent high frequency performance with extreme timing, as well as optimized PCBs that deliver a stable, superior quality signal. The memories are finally covered by the renowned CORSAIR warranty, to give you complete peace of mind for years to come.

The next generation of high-performance memory is upon us and CORSAIR is the pioneering choice for equipping your exceptional system with the best possible components.

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