Intel mostra il prototipo della tecnologia alla base delle CPU del 2025 thumbnail

Intel shows the prototype of the technology behind the 2025 CPUs

On the occasion of‘Investor Meeting 2022 held in these hours, Intel has anticipated several news for its future and a prototype unveiled during the event confirms this. The company also previewed the silicon wafer of the chips made with the new 18A production process. This is the new production process that, over the next few years, will allow Intel to record a significant step forward in terms of performance and, above all, efficiency for its processors.

Intel’s future anticipated by a prototype

The wafer shown will be the starting point of the new processors made with production process 18A. This process will be a key element of the future of Intel that aims to maximize the efficiency of its Intel Core processors. To achieve this, the company will go through a series of intermediate stages. THEThe 18A production process will only be achieved in 2025.

A step-by-step evolution

Intel plans to use the process Intel 7already used for the Alder Lake, the twelfth generation of Intel Core, also with the next Raptor Lake arriving at the end of 2022. Subsequently, the company will switch to Intel 4 and Intel 3. At the beginning of 2024 it will be the turn of Intel 20A which will represent the last step before the debut of Intel 18A, the production process unveiled by the wafer prototype shown at the event. More details on the future of the company will certainly arrive in the coming months.

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