ASUS ROG annuncia il mouse Spatha X e le tastiere ROG Strix Scope NX thumbnail

ASUS ROG announces the Spatha X mouse and ROG Strix Scope NX keyboards

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) expands its range of gaming peripherals with the introduction of new models of mice and keyboards: the mouse ROG Spatha Xevolution of the successful ROG Spatha model, the keyboards ROG Strix Scope NX Deluxe e ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Deluxeupdates of the homonymous series which, with the addition of the model ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight Whitethey are all enriched by the use of ROG NX proprietary switches.

In both circumstances, the focus is on new levels of performance and reactivity: the result of ROG’s continuous research towards a constant refinement of performance and ergonomics. The ROG Strix Scope NX keyboards are offered both in the classic extended format – including the numeric keypad – and in the compact format (TKL), all characterized by the exclusive Xccurate Design with the presence of a larger “Ctrl” key; effective, in particular, in the gameplay of FPS titles.

ROG Spatha X: advanced features for MMOs

In gaming there is no single solution, valid for all needs. Each gamer has specific needs that must be respected and satisfied to optimize the gaming experience and maximize their results, especially in the most competitive contexts. With this “target”, ASUS originally conceived the ROG Spatha mouse, designing it specifically for games Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and all usage scenarios where ergonomics and high configurability could make the difference.

After the success of the model ROG SpathaASUS Republic of Gamers has gone even further with a new and improved version called PLEASE Spatha Xwhich improves on many fronts the features and functionality of its predecessor, to offer a total and absolute level of control in MMO gaming.

The two models have a lot in common, starting with the design, with the Spatha X inheriting all the more advanced functions of the original Spatha, pushing its characteristics to a higher level. Both are made with a magnesium alloy, with an ergonomic design to ensure a wide, comfortable and safe grip, as well as the best access to classic and customizable keys. Considering the context it is addressed to, mainly MMO games, the new ROG Spatha X boasts a wide assortment of buttons: well 12 in total, six of which are easily accessible with the thumb to configure quick commands, more useful functions or to quickly activate spells and abilities.

For those who have already chosen and loved ROG Spatha, it will be even easier to adopt Spatha X due to the numerous improvements and optimizations. The aiming sensor is now optical (and not laser like in the previous model) and boasts a resolution twice as high 19.000 DPI for extremely accurate tracking, coupled with a maximum speed of 400 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50 G. The sensitivity configuration button has also been improved, now operating on four levels of adjustment instead of just two. In addition, the Spatha X allows you to select the desired DPI also via the scroll wheel: if you want to customize the accuracy of the tracking beyond the four factory presets, it is therefore no longer necessary to resort to any software control, but everything can be adjusted directly. “on the fly”.

ROG Spatha X, like its predecessor, can be used both in wired mode – thanks to a ROG Paracord USB cable, much longer, lighter and more durable than that of the original Spatha – and wirelesstaking advantage of the technology a 2.4 GHz low latency. The adjustable DPI allows you to set the sensitivity “on the fly”, while the battery has an extended life that prevents the dreaded shutdown in the middle of a battle. To recharge the battery, ASUS designed the magnetic dock on which to place the peripheral vertically, to avoid inconvenient cables and additional space on the desk.

From the previous model it inherits the Push-Fit Switch Socket Design which allows you to easily replace the switches and change the feeling of response to the click of the same, however also improving in this respect compared to the previous generation, and in this case relying on a more advanced generation of switches. ROG Spatha X mounts, in fact, the ROG micro-switch which ensure a tested durability for over 70 million clicks, more than three times the life span of the original first generation Omron switches from the Spatha. Also new is the “pivoted button mechanism” design which eliminates the space between the mouse button and the switch itself, guaranteeing instant activation for responsive and consistent commands at every single press.

ROG Spatha X integrates a long-lasting battery that now reaches one maximum autonomy of 67 hours (vs 33 hours of the previous model). It also supports fast charging, via USB-C docking: 15 minutes of charging are enough to ensure up to 12 hours of uninterrupted play wirelessly. TheAura Sync lightingindependently adjustable on 3 RGB areas (logo / scrolling wheel / side), to which is now added an additional RGB area located on the charging base and not present in the original version, to adjust the overall effect to your liking and coordinate the LED colors to your game setup.

All without giving up further optimization, this time on the weight front, which in the new version stops at 168 grams – against 178 grams of the previous version (10 grams which seem small, but make the difference).

ROG Strix Scope NX: species evolution

There are three new proposals of the NX series in the range of ROG Strix Scope keyboards: two models already available in Italy, ROG Strix Scope NX Deluxe and TKL Deluxe, respectively in full format size e compact type TKL, the third soon available, ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White, to complete the homonymous Moonlight White series. All three models are already characterized by the name for the adoption of ROG NX proprietary switchesnatural evolution of the ROG RX switches already appreciated on board the ROG Strix Scope RX and ROG Claymore II keyboards.

In particular, the ROG NX Red mechanical switches, used on all three models, represent the evolution of the commitment of ROG engineers in the development of solutions capable of optimizing control and gaming experience. They provide a 1.8mm actuation point for fast input, further improved over the previous generation RX, while the 40gf starting force helps prevent accidental key presses, up to 55gf total, for perfect rebound feedback. . The result is that the pressing of the keys is instant, with a linear and fast feeling.

ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White: minimal look, top performance

ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White is the compact mechanical gaming keyboard with a distinctive design typical of the Strix Scope series, but characterized by the elegant white livery, typical of the serie Moonlight White. It is the “missing piece” of the series already available in Italy, which ensures absolute performance, for the game and beyond, offering a complete and stylish setup.

The brushed aluminum chassis, compact and solid, together with the color combination of the keys, white and soft gray, offer a pleasant, subtle color contrast, perfectly matching the same colors of the ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight White mouse, of the ROG Strix headphones Go Core Moonlight White and ROG Cetra II Core Moonlight White earphones.

It is natural to combine this keyboard with a large set of notebooks, smartphones and ROG components, to create truly exclusive setups, with great appeal and a strong aesthetic impact.

Prices and availability

The Asus mouse ROG Spatha X and keyboards ROG Strix Scope NX Deluxe e ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Deluxe they are all already available in Italy with recommended retail prices respectively of 159,90 €, 149,90 € e 159,90 € VAT included.

The Asus keyboard ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White will be available in Italy from March with a recommended retail price of 159,90 € VAT included.

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