Intel ha raggiunto un valore net positive per il consumo d'acqua in 3 siti operativi thumbnail

Intel: Three sites are net positive for water consumption

Tre operating sites of Intel were officially declared net positive regarding theuse of water. The sites in question are located in the United Statesin Costa Rica e in India. For these sites, in fact, Intel is in the event of recovering and returning more water than it uses recorded an important step forward in terms of sustainability.

Intel makes three corporate sites “net positive” for water consumption

The result achieved represents a concrete demonstration of the iIntel’s commitment to conserving water resources, going to reduce to minimize the impact of company activities on the environment. Last year, Intel used more than 60 billion liters of fresh, reclaimed and desalinated water globally and returned about 50 billion that flowed from its plants.

It should also be noted that i The company’s new sites have been designed to achieve water net positivity globally by 2030. Achieving net positive water consumption for Intel’s three sites certainly represents a great milestone for the company which has been setting important sustainability goals for some time. In particular, as regards the water aspects, the targets are really ambitious.

Todd Brady, chief sustainability officer e vice president, Global Public Affairs di Intel, he explains: “Two years ago, we announced our goal of achieving water net positivity by 2030, driven by our commitment to reduce the overall impact on local river basins and support the water resources that serve the population. It is with emotion that today we announce that we are ‘net positive’ in three countries, thanks to strong partnerships with environmental non-profit organizations and local governments and through our investments in water management. We do not stop here, now we intend to achieve this result in all the places where we operate “.

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