Un rapporto di Claroty evidenzia i principali malware da tenere d'occhio thumbnail

A Claroty report shows malware to watch out for

And Claroty’s recent report highlights which are the most dangerous malware to watch out for. According to the survey, 34% of attacks target IoT (Internet of Things), IT (Information Technology) and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and the threats to defend against are different.

The malware to watch according to Claroty

According to Claroty, one of the main malware to watch out for is Tardigrade, responsible for at least two attacks on the health sector in the past months. These are shape-shifting malware, capable of changing properties based on the environment in which it is found.

Then there is Log4j which exploits the zero day vulnerability Log4Shell discovered last December that allows malware to run remotely even without authentication. Furthermore, the dangers associated with ransomware. The attack carried out by BlackMatter against NEW Cooperative, an American agricultural cooperative, is an example of the high level of danger associated with these malware.

Il Claroty’s report, available online via the official website, highlights a number of cyber threats currently active. The elements analyzed are different and allow to better photograph the current state of the IT sector.

The number of cyber threats is multiplying and there are several threats to watch out for to maximize system security. Knowing the main threats and main risks allows you to take the right countermeasures to face the dangers associated with the use of IT tools.

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