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Intel unveils its growth plans at Investor Meeeting 2022

At the Investor Meeting 2022, Intel presented its growth plans and long-term strategies to revolutionize and lead the markets

During an investor meeting, CEO Pat Gelsinger and Intel’s top managers outlined the strategy and long-term growth plans. The latter will benefit from unprecedented growth in demand for semiconductors. Among the announcements, Intel unveiled the roadmap Of product and the next strategic steps of its main ones business unit. The areas affected are many, from client computingEveryone advanced technologies.

Intel’s growth plans for the next few years unveiled

The business units are as follows: Datacenter and TO THE, Client ComputingAccelerated Computing Systems and GraphicsIntel Foundry Services, Software and advanced technologies, Network and Edge, Development technological. Intel has made plans for each of these different Announcements: Intel’s Datacenter and AI (DCAI) division revealed the roadmap of next generation Xeon products since 2022 al 2024. Intel’s expertise in the field of software andhardware they will determine new ones progress for the software and the safety based on artificial intelligence. Intel’s plans for data centers include the acquisition of shares in growing markets such as l‘artificial intelligencethe networking and the cryptography.

The Client Computing Group, on the other hand, outlined the products client for the next few years. At a time when i PC are more essential than ever, Intel predicts that CCG will continue to make a significant contribution to future growth of the company. In 2021 global PC shipments were in excess of 340 million units27% more than in 2019. The Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group (AXG) is in turn ready to deliver products to three segments of market it covers and to generate more than 1 billion dollars USA turnover in 2022.

Intel unveils its growth plans at Investor Meeeting 2022

Among the plans of growth Intel is also in the automotive sector. For the latter they are provided financing in new architectures hardware and for the transition to advanced technologies. Software is a fundamental element of the competitive advantage by Intel. The approach in promoting a open ecosystem guarantees interoperability for the sector. Ultimately, Intel remains on track to claim leadership in the performance per Watt of the transistor by 2025. Advanced technologies offer an advantage in foundry products and customers and play a vital role in the development of the Moore’s lawwhich feeds on continuous innovation.

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