Horizon Forbidden West: the release celebrated with a statue of Aloy in Florence

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To celebrate its release, PlayStation has installed a statue of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West right in the city center of Florence

Until February 27, Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia welcomes Horizon Forbidden West by installing a temporary statue dedicated to Aloy in Florence, in Piazza Madonna della Neve, in the Complesso delle Murate. The gesture does not just want to remember thegame releasebut it is above all an act symbolic in remembering all the women of the past and present that have shared i values of the PlayStation heroine. Not just the fact of being a woman then, but the unique perspective that Aloy has on the world.

Florence welcomes Horizon Forbidden West with a stunning statue of Aloy

Protagonist of the game, Aloy it’s a’virtual icon but at the same time realisticwhich brings with it the seeds of a small revolution: Aloy represents one of the possible expressions of the incredible psychological complexity of the human race, where, for the purposes of the story, the gender differencebut the value of the diversity. Marco SalettaGeneral Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment Italy, explains that Aloy’s story tells us capacityon the part of the videogame industryto carry in the dimension of the video game universal stories and themesputting the player at the center, and allowing him to to live and play deep and articulate stories, play the role of incredibly characters facetedwithout ever losing sight of theopportunity to dream.

Horizon Forbidden West: the release celebrated with a statue of Aloy in Florence

Furthermore, in this direction, YOU Italy decided to support Event Horizon School of Digital Art – a reality active in Italy in preparing for the entertainment professions with 40 courses of training for all those who decide to approach to the video game industry and contribute to cultural renewal of the country. About the statue of Horizon Forbidden West in Florence, the intervention of Maria Pia Ercolini, President of Female Toponymy. According to Maria Pia, The greatest power of toponymy is to create models, to refer to imaginaryas well as representing a will. Sony Italia’s initiative opens a communication channel with the younger generation on the importance of cultural modelsa reflection on which ones they want to keep and which ones they want give value.

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